About Competition


TruckSuvidha, brand of Sarvodaya Infotech Pvt. Ltd. in association with CRRI (Central Road Research Institute) is organizing Slogan writing competition. Main objective behind organizing this competition is to again revive the trend of slogan written behind trucks which is rarely seen now a days. These slogans are just not a part of decoration but also spread a meaningful informational message to the society. Not only this, through this campaign, we want to aware society about the challenges in the life of Indian truck driver and give educational information on road safety rules.

This Slogan writing competition brings an opportunity to share their thoughts on “life of Indian truck drivers”, “Trucks on Road/Highways” and “Road safety”. Write up your slogan having minimal words loaded with maximum message.

This Competition also gives a platform where people not only get a chance to showcase their writing talent in front of everyone but also get a chance to publish their slogan to all the social media sites and other printed materials of company.

    Process of the competition:

    To take a part in the competition, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • 1) Register and login your account
  • 2) Submit your slogan
  • 3) Pay slogan submission fee
  • 4) Public voting on approved slogans
  • 5) Top 50 Slogans would be shortlisted based on public voting
  • 6) Out of top 50 slogans, 3 winners would be finalized by the selection committee


  • This competition is open to Indian citizens only
  • Members of organizing committee cannot take part in this Competition

Guidelines for Slogan Writing Competition:

  • Submit your slogan on Submit slogan page. Refer the submission link
  • The Slogan must be original
  • Slogan must be written on specified topics otherwise it would be rejected
  • Slogan should be concise and not more than 15-20 words
  • The Slogan should be a very appealing, crisp line in Hindi or English having minimal words loaded with maximum message
  • The Slogan must not contain any provocative, objectionable or inappropriate content
  • Participants will receive text message and email that your slogan has been approved/rejected by selection committee
  • Approved slogan would be visible on view slogan page with Vote Now button on all the slogans
  • Participants whose slogans are approved by the selection committee are eligible for voting round
  • Voting link would be shared to all the participants through email and text message to invite your friends and family to vote your slogans. Viewers can also vote your slogan by visiting view slogan page
  • Winner would be decided on the basis of maximum number of votes
  • Your referral code would be shared on mobile number and email of your slogan has been approved
  • Any submission by your referral code would be countable. Participant will get 5 Votes per submission using your referral code
  • TruckSuvidha users can login through their registered mobile number on TruckSuvidha


The winner would be selected by selection committee on the basis of slogan’s originality, creativity and voting done by viewers.

Slogan Topics:

Trucks on Road/Highway

Life of Indian truck driver

Road Safety

Entry fees

  • Entry fee is Rs. 30/ per submission.

Gain Extra Votes

  • Invite your friends to participate in slogan writing competition and Earn 5 extra votes.


Cash Prize
  • 1st Winner will get Rs. 21000 cash prize
  • 2nd Winner will get Rs. 11000 cash prize
  • 3rd Winner will get Rs. 5000 cash prize
  • Certificates

    All the participants and winners will get E-Certificates

    Consolation Prizes

    50 Participant will get consolation prizes