Truck Drivers Welfare

About Truck Driver's Welfare Programme

“The people (truck driver) who move the country are slowly moving away from their jobs.” Life of truck drivers in India is very demanding without suitable payoffs. They are away from their homes for long periods of time. According to the Factories Act, 1948 the working hours for truck drivers is at most 48 hours in a week, but due to shortage of drivers and huge demand of trucks for the movement of freight these drivers must drive for 18 to 20 hours in a day without proper rest. This sometimes turns fatal for the drivers or others. The number of accidents in India by trucks is huge and has grown over the years. They also face many lifestyles diseases due to their sedentary jobs like diabetes, cholesterol, high BP etc. Another problem which the truckers face is from the road tax officers, who harass them for money. Even the rising fuel prices make it difficult for them to continue.

Apart from work related problems, another problem they face is that of social security. Despite being a vital cog in the country’s economic and social development, they are looked down upon by most people in the society. At present India has a shortage of about 160,000 drivers annually.

“One less driver results is one more idle truck.”

TruckSuvidha is an online portal working on the concept of digitalization of Indian trucking industry. TruckSuvidha is working with an aim to link whole trucking Industry with technology. Through this technology, Truckers can share their live location and search load for their idle trucks in real time. Another benefit for truckers is to find the shortest and safest route through GPS vehicle tracking services and ask help in case of any emergency.

TruckSuvidha initiate a campaign named “Truck Driver welfare Programme-2018”. Under this programme, Slogan Writing Competition has been organised. Through Slogan Writing Competition, people will share their thoughts on“life of Indian truck drivers”, “Trucks on Road/Highways”and “Road safety” and spreading the fact that how much respectful is the work of truck driving and making collective efforts for betterment of their life. All the funds collected through this Slogan writing competition would be utilized on the welfare activities for truck drives and their families.